2010-2018 research

StudioPolar is a reporting initiative to reconsider the meanings of expert-based knowledge within the Arctic context. StudioPolar is supported by the US National Science Foundation, Rice University, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, as an academic enterprise with broader outreach capacity available through on-line accessible formats.

We do not provide for-profit knowledge or or engage in marketing practices.

StudioPolar reporting is implemented through an Assembling-Mobilizing-Performing Program. The reporting enables a broad range of activities that include first-hand observation of key events on Arctic developments where expert knowledge is represented; artifactual data collection revealing the internal and external practices of experts; analysis of this first-hand observation, data collection, and interviews. StudioPolar text and images reflect the aesthetics associated with the etiquette of expertise, calling attention to the efforts employed by an emerging expertise regime whose image is post-discursive and post-contextual.

In addition to reporting, StudioPolar comprises three further activities:

StudioPolar Invitational - a platform for engaging core activities through invitation
Scope: Attracting co-creators of our core activities. We welcome reporting on activities that feature the High North, Expertise, Internal and External Practices (assembling, mobilizing, performing), Development Futures, and Aesthetics of Knowledge (corporeality, performativity), employed through multimedia constructions
Impact: Creating a community of practitioners who are interested and capable of executing the assembling, mobilizing, performing program
How to participate:
o  Address a specific solicitation through competitive proposal (FIFTH OPEN CALL Winter 2017-2018)
o  Submit an independently produced on-going project for affiliation

StudioPolar Events Collective - forum for collaboration among established researchers and public and industry professionals
Scope: Fostering exchanges that contribute toward identifying empirically based typologies of expertise that govern High North development futures
Impact: Creating a community of interpretation about the role of aesthetics of knowledge and expertise as forms of governance
How to participate: by invitation to attend StudioPolar sponsored venues
o  Spring 2018 Arctic Summit workshop at Rice University 

StudioPolar Master Class - workshop of instruction for early career researchers and graduate students
Scope: Examining social science approaches to energy futures and environment
Impact: Introducing the assembling, mobilizing, performing program to students of aesthetics of knowledge and cultures of expertise
How to participate: by applying to courses organized by StudioPolar
o  Fall 2014 FINEC St. Petersburg, Russia
o  Spring 2015 Nordland School of Film, Kabelvåg, Norway
o  Spring 2015 FINEC, St. Petersburg, Russia
o  Fall 2015 FINEC, St. Petersburg, Russia
o  Fall 2016 NTNU, Trondheim, Norway
o  Summer 2017 FINEC, St. Petersburg, Russia
o   Fall 2017 NTNU, Trondheim, Norway
o  Summer 2018 FINEC St. Petersburg, Russia

StudioPolar Content
Reports created
o  Conference papers, articles, edited volumes, essay collections
o  Image database (internal and external practices, artefactual data)
o  Artefactual data (brochures, business cards)
o  Paparazzi Ethnography (stress on fleeting phenomena)
o  Traditional Ethnographic case studies
Site visitations
Individual representation
Artefactual display and analysis
o Site visit ethnographic case studies
Internal practice at Evaluate Energy January-March 2015
Internal Practice at ExproSoft  October-December 2017
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